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Located in the historic Churchill House on the campus of Brown University, the Department of Africana Studies is the intellectual center for faculty and students interested in the artistic, historical, literary, and theoretical expressions of the various cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. Since 1968, the Department has been a rich site for analysis, artistic production, and community building.

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Africana Studies presents a broad range of courses that engage with the histories, ideas, social and political life of Africa and the African Diaspora, including literature, the arts, cultural studies, history, politics, philosophy, feminism, and the legacy of scientific racism.
The graduate program trains students to become skilled and informed scholars poised to make significant contributions to academic and nonacademic communities.
Rites and Reason Theatre is a research and development theatre producing new creative works that analyze and articulate the experiences and expressions of the African Diaspora.

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The Miami Museum of Contemporary Art of the African Diaspora (Miami MoCAAD) is set to revolutionize the Soul Basel and Miami Art Week with its groundbreaking documentary and digital exhibition, “This Life: Black Life in the Time of Now.” Spearheading this venture is the distinguished Jamaican scholar and curator, Prof. Tony Bogues.
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Prof. Tony Bogues to lead seminar at ICA-Miami

This spring, the Knight Art + Research Center program at ICA-Miami will offer a series of seminars and lectures on the arts and artistic practices of Haiti and the Haitian diaspora from a scholarly and artistic perspective.