Department of Africana Studies

Prof. Tony Bogues to lead seminar at ICA-Miami

This spring, the Knight Art + Research Center program at ICA-Miami will offer a series of seminars and lectures on the arts and artistic practices of Haiti and the Haitian diaspora from a scholarly and artistic perspective.

This three-week program will be joined by leading contemporary artist Edouard Duvall-Carrié, scholar and translator, Kaiama Glover (Barnard College), and scholar and curator, Anthony Bogues (Brown University), who will approach the arts of Haiti from a variety of historical, aesthetic, and social-political perspectives. Thinking through the discursive and aesthetic specificities of Haitian art, as well as broader formulations of the aesthetic, these seminars will offer participants a space to reflect on both contemporary arts emerging from Haiti as well as the longer political and historical histories from which these art practices have emerged. These seminars will also take place during the final month of the Hervé Télémaque exhibit, which will be engaged throughout the seminars.

More information on the seminars, and enrollment information can be found here.